Je prends du temps pour moi et je me fais du bien

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photo voyage sonore

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Le mois passé je suis parti en France à deux reprises me former aux massages sonores/ vibratoires au Didgeridoo, et aux bols chantants. Les deux formations étaient très intéressantes; j’ai beaucoup appris et je ne suis d’ailleurs qu’au début de ma courbe d’apprentissage. Mon salon est d’ailleurs en plein réaménagement pour pouvoir vous accueillir très prochainement chez moi (à Uccle, Bruxelles) d’ici début Décembre dans un cadre tranquille et chaleureux.

« Le son du bol chantant touche ce qu´il y a de plus profond en nous, il fait vibrer l´âme. Le son soulage les tensions, mobilise les défenses naturelles et libère des énergies créatrices. »
(Peter Hess)

Pour en découvrir plus sur mes massages sonores/ vibratoires, je vous invite à consulter ici ma nouvelle page web. N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions, ou pour réserver une séance.
Au-delà des massages vibratoires, j’organise maintenant également des voyages sonores qui peuvent se donner en groupes plus importants. Le voyage sonore est une séance de relaxation donnée en groupe avec des instruments relaxants – apaisants; cliquez ici pour en savoir plus. N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions, ou pour planifier un voyage sonore.

Serenity Bar: voyage sonore et méditation guidée

Il y a trois ans je suis parti en Asie du Sud-Est (Thaïlande, Vietnam & Laos) pour un voyage de trois mois. En Thaïlande, j’ai fait une retraite méditative silencieuse de 10 jours connus sous le nom de Vipassana. Je ne pratiquais pas encore la méditation et je voulais me préparer quelques peu à cette retraite, donc j’ai suivi ici à Bruxelles un cycle de méditation pleine conscience à l’institut Mindfulness. C’est suite à ce cycle que j’ai commencé à devenir plus présent; à prendre plus conscience de mes émotions, d’où elles proviennent afin de mieux les comprendre et mieux savoir les gérer, à plus souvent me focaliser sur ma respiration – je suis encore entrain d’apprendre… mais c’était le début! J’ai d’ailleurs depuis peu le livre « Quiétude » d’Eckhart Tolle dans la voiture que j’ouvre lors d’embouteillages… une vraie délivrance du ras-le bol qui me prend; je recommande :-)

J’ai reçu il y a quelques semaines un appel de mon ancienne prof de méditation pleine conscience, Marjan Abadie, qui a ouvert le premier «Meditation Bar» de Bruxelles. Elle cherchait des animateurs pour son nouveau centre, et elle savait que j’étais musicien jouant sur des instruments ‘particuliers’. L’appel est arrivé au bon moment car je venais à peine de terminer ma première formation sur les massages vibratoires au Didgeridoo, et je comptais justement chercher des lieux en Belgique ou offrir des voyages sonores. Quelques meetings & brainstormings plus tard, nous avons décidé de combiner nos univers en proposant dans son centre des méditations guidées donnée lors d’un voyage sonore.

Nous avons déjà 4 séances de prévu – réservation souhaité:- Dimanche 18 Novembre 2018 de 16h à 18h- Samedi 8 Décembre à 16h à 18h- Dimanche 13 Janvier 2019 de 10h30 à 12h30- Dimanche 3 Février de 10h30 à 12h30

Vous êtes également bienvenue à l’inauguration du lieu le jeudi 15 Novembre. Vous pouvez vous inscrire ici.

A très vite.

Musicalement votre,


From the Handpan to the Didgeridoo Festival, a great road trip in France

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I allowed myself 2 weeks off (but certainly not relaxing) in July: going from Brussels to Mèze (close to Montpellier) for the Handpan Festival – then from Mèze to Airvault (close to Poitiers) for the Didgeridoo Festival “Le Rêve de l’Aborigène”.

I left with my friend Jessica, my partner from the Wonderl’Hang project; and we really experienced a great trip.
The first part of the journey; going from Brussels to Mèze, passing through Paris, Troyes, Lyon, Montelimar and Avignon. Second part of the journey was from Mèze to Airvault going through Sète, Pézenas, Agde, Narbonne, Gruissan, Carcassonne, Albi, Limoges and finally Poitiers. Here in Belgium we do not perform much in the streets anymore and this trip was the perfect opportunity to start again. Visit of historical places, street performances, some nature escapes… a nice program indeed. I had forgotten… but street performances are a true emotional roller coaster; having to captivate and keep the public, perform, give some explanations about the instrument, do some story-telling, jump from one language to another… one has to give everything for it to work. Some very good moments, the public being very receptive to our show and having some nice interactions – and some harder moments: carrying all our gear and performing in very high temperatures, the police asking us to stop performing because of local legal restrictions, and arriving twice in a ‘ghost’ town.

Some great memories: seeing the world cup semifinals Belgium VS France in Troyes, and the final France VS Croatia in Sète, arriving in Avignon during the Avignon festival and seeing the city in a wild state, being surprise guests during a Hang concert in a church, discovering some beautiful places, tasting local specialties, having an adrenaline rush during wild camping… and last but not least, indulging in both festivals.

But for now holidays are over. Performances are on their way, students are coming back, projects are in the making, I have a new instrument that can be rented out… and I am preparing quite a few surprises for the upcoming months!

Until next time:-)


Aerial Silk… and Bullet Agenda

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tissus aerien

Dear all,

An intriguing photo, isn’t it? I met Annelies at a concert I was giving, then she takes a handpan discovery workshop and then I learn that she gives aerial silk performances. It is obvious, our artistic world’s should met. I took this picture at our first rehearsal . We are currently still creating but we have a show in the making… to soon discover!

Summer holidays are on their way… and I’ll be going on a little trip. But more about this next time, we still have a few dates until then where we can meet for a nice concert.

By the way, I will be performing for the “fêtes de la musique” on Saturday 23rd June. A second concert on Sunday 24th would be great – do you have some ideas, contacts, suggestions?

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a tool I discovered during my course in creative entrepreneurship at ‘Backstage Brussels’. Organizing myself is not exactly my first quality, but I am working on this. The bullet agenda is a great tool: a mix between agenda, personal diary, weekly & monthly objectives, to do lists etc… everything assembled in a single place. I fill it on a close to every day basis and this discipline helps me take action in numerous tasks, planning, organizing, reminders (for instance: to tidy my flat, exercise at least 2x/ week, read, get straight out of the bed for a quick bicycle tour and not press on the snooze button, not bite my nails)… and mainly, to free my mind. Indeed, the mind is for having some ideas and not for keeping them; otherwise it slows down; it is like a computer with too many windows open; it slows down. Rather than continuing to praise this planning tool, here is a video that has helped me to start my own bullet agenda. This tool is not for everyone, but for some, like myself, it is a revelation!

And you, what do you think of the bullet agenda?

All the best, and see you soon,


Lets meet @ Namur en Mai

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nmur enMai
(Wonderl’Hang performing @ Namur en Mai 2017)

This has been 3 years that I have not been programmed in the Namur en Mai Festival, but 3 years that I simply program myself for this great street performing festival. 2018 is no exception; once again I am not in the official program… but no matter; you will surely find me on the side of a street; on a square. Open, your ears let yourself guided by the beats of the Cajon, the deep Didgeridoo vibrations and the sweet tone of the Hang… and let’s meet for a little escape!

This is to help-out my friend Guillaume, organizer of the Salon des Instruments Insolites de Bruxelles in which I have performed 2 years running, and founder of the ASBL Insolite. To help him in his project, I am offering a Wonderl’Hang concert as a reward in his crowd-funding campaign. To discover his great project, contribute and maybe plan a Wonderl’Hang concert… it is here.

Some time ago, I posted the video below on the internet, in which I use a bass pedal with my right foot, I play Hang with both hands while also playing Didgeridoo. In between various comments, the following message strikes me: “what is your left foot doing?” Good question, what is my left foot doing? Well, challenge accepted – I have to work on my right / left hand, right/ left foot independency. I have no intention of starting drums, but I am starting this month some rhythm lessons at the Brussels Drums High School, to start working on dividing my brain into 4 :-)

That’s that for now; until next time!

Looking up, always higher

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Byebye Chicago

Dear all,

A few weeks ago, I quit my Brussels based job as a “Business Developer”. I had the opportunity to develop myself as a person, but I just could not relate to my daily activities. After deep reflection, I quit this position to go full on in my musical activities. Here I am: full time musician, entrepreneur… and confused; where to start?

Seeking information, I find Backstage Brussels, “an association that trains and coaches individuals with creative projects who wish to become independent”. I enter this association and start following some group coaching sessions, surrounded by young creative entrepreneurs; discovering their fears, projects and dreams. It is uplifting and motivating to meet other people who wish to start their own activity, who wish to start the adventure. Last week I was supposed to be following some coaching sessions in Brussels. Slight issue, I had already booked a trip: off to the US, for the first time.

I am writing this newsletter from Chicago. Surrounded by all those skyscrapers, the saying “the sky is the limit” becomes clearer. Looking up, always higher – that’s close to a week I cannot stop looking towards the sky. Here I am in a city that appears to be straight out from a science fiction movie; never could I have imagined that a city with so tall and large buildings could be constructed. This makes me think of the American Dream; everything is possible. But to go chase a dream it is necessary to have one, take the time to find it.

On a personal level, I have found mine. It is not as high as the Trump Tower here in Chicago (423 meters high), but at least, it is clear: share my music with the largest number of people, teach, develop myself and learn to always innovate, create, share some positive emotions and surprise while living financially and independently from this dream. The end of this month of April and the month of May are particularly well jammed with events as you will see in the upcoming events section … this is just the beginning of a nice adventure. Altogether, I know where I want to go; I have an objective, I have a dream… do you?