How to choose your Handpan?

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There are today over 100 Handpan makers all around the world; each maker making several scales… no matter it is hard to choose an instrument!
To make life easier, I have selected 4 makers. With all four, you are certain to get a good quality sounding instrument… but sometimes… it is still to hard to choose:-s

If you are unable to choose then I can help you with the decision making process. Together, by listening to various videos in a structured way, and by trying my own instruments, we identify (within 1 or 2 hours) what Handpan is the best for you:

– what type of scale (major, minor, oriental, asian etc.) you best identify with.
– what type of resonance, sustain and sound do you prefer?
– is a ‘big’ Handpan OK… or do you prefer a ‘small’ one?
– Do you prefer a high… or a low sounding Handpan?

At the end of this session, you will know what Handpan is best for you… and why not order it straight away?!
1 hour session: €40
1.5 hour session: €60
2 hour session: €75