Aerial Silk… and Bullet Agenda

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tissus aerien

Dear all,

An intriguing photo, isn’t it? I met Annelies at a concert I was giving, then she takes a handpan discovery workshop and then I learn that she gives aerial silk performances. It is obvious, our artistic world’s should met. I took this picture at our first rehearsal . We are currently still creating but we have a show in the making… to soon discover!

Summer holidays are on their way… and I’ll be going on a little trip. But more about this next time, we still have a few dates until then where we can meet for a nice concert.

By the way, I will be performing for the “fêtes de la musique” on Saturday 23rd June. A second concert on Sunday 24th would be great – do you have some ideas, contacts, suggestions?

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a tool I discovered during my course in creative entrepreneurship at ‘Backstage Brussels’. Organizing myself is not exactly my first quality, but I am working on this. The bullet agenda is a great tool: a mix between agenda, personal diary, weekly & monthly objectives, to do lists etc… everything assembled in a single place. I fill it on a close to every day basis and this discipline helps me take action in numerous tasks, planning, organizing, reminders (for instance: to tidy my flat, exercise at least 2x/ week, read, get straight out of the bed for a quick bicycle tour and not press on the snooze button, not bite my nails)… and mainly, to free my mind. Indeed, the mind is for having some ideas and not for keeping them; otherwise it slows down; it is like a computer with too many windows open; it slows down. Rather than continuing to praise this planning tool, here is a video that has helped me to start my own bullet agenda. This tool is not for everyone, but for some, like myself, it is a revelation!

And you, what do you think of the bullet agenda?

All the best, and see you soon,