From the Handpan to the Didgeridoo Festival, a great road trip in France

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I allowed myself 2 weeks off (but certainly not relaxing) in July: going from Brussels to Mèze (close to Montpellier) for the Handpan Festival – then from Mèze to Airvault (close to Poitiers) for the Didgeridoo Festival “Le Rêve de l’Aborigène”.

I left with my friend Jessica, my partner from the Wonderl’Hang project; and we really experienced a great trip.
The first part of the journey; going from Brussels to Mèze, passing through Paris, Troyes, Lyon, Montelimar and Avignon. Second part of the journey was from Mèze to Airvault going through Sète, Pézenas, Agde, Narbonne, Gruissan, Carcassonne, Albi, Limoges and finally Poitiers. Here in Belgium we do not perform much in the streets anymore and this trip was the perfect opportunity to start again. Visit of historical places, street performances, some nature escapes… a nice program indeed. I had forgotten… but street performances are a true emotional roller coaster; having to captivate and keep the public, perform, give some explanations about the instrument, do some story-telling, jump from one language to another… one has to give everything for it to work. Some very good moments, the public being very receptive to our show and having some nice interactions – and some harder moments: carrying all our gear and performing in very high temperatures, the police asking us to stop performing because of local legal restrictions, and arriving twice in a ‘ghost’ town.

Some great memories: seeing the world cup semifinals Belgium VS France in Troyes, and the final France VS Croatia in Sète, arriving in Avignon during the Avignon festival and seeing the city in a wild state, being surprise guests during a Hang concert in a church, discovering some beautiful places, tasting local specialties, having an adrenaline rush during wild camping… and last but not least, indulging in both festivals.

But for now holidays are over. Performances are on their way, students are coming back, projects are in the making, I have a new instrument that can be rented out… and I am preparing quite a few surprises for the upcoming months!

Until next time:-)